Is TesterUp Legit: Unveiling the Truth To Earn $120 Per Test

Amidst the rapid rise of remote work and the flourishing digital entrepreneurship landscape, the demand for trustworthy testing and feedback services has witnessed a significant surge. In this regard, TesterUp emerges as a prominent player, claiming to offer a platform where individuals can earn monetary rewards by testing applications and websites. However, given the abundance of options available, it becomes imperative to thoroughly evaluate the legitimacy of such platforms before investing your valuable time and effort.

Navigating the dynamic realm of online platforms and services can present a formidable challenge when it comes to discerning the authenticity of a new website or application. Among the platforms that have garnered attention in recent times is TesterUp. This comprehensive article aims to delve deep into the question of whether TesterUp can be considered legitimate or “Is TesterUp legit?”. By furnishing you with concrete examples, valuable suggestions, insightful tips, and effective tricks, we will empower you to make an informed decision regarding TesterUp’s credibility and explore various options available to help you make an informed decision.

Is TesterUp Legit: Unveiling the Truth To Earn $120 Per Test

Is TesterUp Legit: Unveiling the Truth To Earn $120 Per Test

Understanding TesterUp

TesterUp, an innovative online earning platform, serves as a seamless connection between businesses and individuals. Its core purpose revolves around bridging the gap between companies in search of valuable feedback and improvement for their products and users who possess the willingness to test these offerings and provide insightful insights. By facilitating this exchange, TesterUp creates a win-win scenario for all parties involved. Companies gain access to genuine user feedback, while testers have the opportunity to earn monetary rewards for their time and opinions.

Presenting itself as a facilitator between businesses, developers, and testers, TesterUp offers an enticing proposition for individuals to join as testers and receive compensation for their valuable feedback and insights. The platform boasts the allure of flexible working hours and the chance to engage with exciting projects. However, amidst these promises, the question lingers: is TesterUp legit? and truly as remarkable as it appears, or does it carry hidden pitfalls?


How Does TesterUp Work?

TesterUp simplifies the process of connecting testers with companies looking for feedback. Upon joining the platform, users create a profile highlighting their skills, interests, and demographic information. Companies then post testing opportunities, specifying the requirements and compensation for each test. Testers can browse through these opportunities and apply for the ones that match their expertise and interests.

Once selected for a test, testers receive the necessary instructions, access to the product or service, and a set of predefined tasks to perform. Testers meticulously evaluate the product, noting any bugs, usability issues, or areas for improvement. They provide detailed feedback, often including suggestions and recommendations. Companies value these insights as they enable them to enhance their offerings and cater to their target audience more effectively.

Is TesterUp Legit?

TesterUp is a legitimate platform that offers opportunities for testers to earn money by participating in testing projects. When assessing the legitimacy of TesterUp, it’s essential to consider the prevalence of online scams and fraudulent platforms. However, through careful analysis and user feedback from Trustpilot (Review Rating 4.1), it becomes apparent that TesterUp is indeed a legitimate platform.

Is TesterUp Legit: Unveiling the Truth To Earn $120 Per Test


Here are some key points to consider when determining the legitimacy of TesterUp:

I. Established Reputation:

TesterUp has built a reputation as a reliable platform in the testing industry. It has a track record of providing testing opportunities to individuals and facilitating the feedback process between testers and companies.

II. Transparent Processes:

TesterUp operates with transparency in its processes. It clearly outlines the steps involved in signing up, browsing and applying for tests, performing tests, and providing feedback. Testers are informed about the compensation and expectations upfront.

III. Verified Testing Opportunities:

TesterUp ensures that the testing opportunities listed on its platform are genuine. Companies collaborate with TesterUp to seek valuable feedback from testers, which helps them improve their products and services.

IV. Secure Payment System:

TesterUp has a secure payment system in place to ensure that testers receive their earnings promptly. Testers are compensated based on the completion of assigned tests and the quality of their feedback.

V. Positive User Feedback:

One of the most significant indicators of a platform’s legitimacy is the feedback from its users. In the case of TesterUp, numerous individuals have shared their positive experiences with the platform. These users have successfully received timely payments for their testing efforts and have expressed satisfaction with the overall testing process.

Testers who have collaborated with TesterUp have reported receiving their payments within the agreed-upon timeframe. This reliability in compensating testers demonstrates the credibility and trustworthiness of the platform. Furthermore, the positive testimonials from users indicate that TesterUp is committed to maintaining a fair and transparent testing environment.

VI. Partnership with Reputable Companies

Validation of TesterUp’s legitimacy lies in its partnerships with well-known companies and startups in the tech industry. TesterUp has established collaborations with reputable businesses, showcasing their reliability and credibility.

The fact that renowned companies are willing to work with TesterUp underscores its legitimacy. These partnerships signify that TesterUp has proven itself as a trustworthy platform for businesses seeking reliable testing services. Reputable companies conduct thorough due diligence before partnering with any platform, making their association with TesterUp a positive indicator of its legitimacy.

As claimed on-site, TesterUp may have partnered with established tech companies to test their new software releases or website updates. The trust placed by these companies in TesterUp reflects the platform’s ability to deliver quality testing services and maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information.

Is TesterUp Legit: Unveiling the Truth To Earn $120 Per Test

However, it is important to note that while TesterUp is a legitimate platform, individual experiences may vary. It is always recommended to do your research and exercise caution when engaging with any online earning platform. Be sure to read and understand the terms and conditions, privacy policies, and payment processes before getting involved.


Getting Started with TesterUp

To get started with TesterUp, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Sign Up

Signing up for TesterUp is the first step to unlocking your earning potential. Follow these detailed instructions to create an account:

I. Visit the TesterUp website CLICK HERE using your preferred web browser.

II. Look for the “Sign Up” or “Join Now” button on the homepage and click on it.

III. You can sign-up direct with your Facebook page & Google email account or you can provide an email ID and strong password of your choice as mentioned below:

Is TesterUp Legit: Unveiling the Truth To Earn $120 Per Test


IV. You will be directed to the registration page and will be asked for face verification.

Is TesterUp Legit: Unveiling the Truth To Earn $120 Per Test

“At Testerup, they prioritize the safety and security of their platform. To enhance this, they have implemented an additional verification step to ensure that only legitimate users can access Testerup. When you request a payout in the future, you might be prompted to quickly and securely verify your face. As assured by this platform they have to employ a secure verification process and guarantee that the data you provide for verification will not be sold.”

V. Face Verification process:

Here’s a simple guide to help you understand how the face verification process works when requesting a payout on Testerup:

a. When you request a payout in your Testerup account, you might be asked to verify your face. Just click on ‘Verify yourself‘ to start.

b. Read the information provided to you and you may need to give your consent to proceed.

c. Once you click on ‘Start verification now,’ you will be guided through the face verification process.

d. To complete the verification, please make sure to:

  • Keep a neutral expression and remove any facial coverings like glasses or masks.
  • Ensure that your device’s front camera is working properly.
  • Clean the camera lens if it’s dirty or smudged.
  • Choose a well-lit area without strong shadows on your face.
  • Avoid direct glare or bright light on your face.
  • If needed, try changing your location to a different room.

VI. After completing the verification process, you will see a confirmation page. From there, you can proceed to request your payout.”

Is TesterUp Legit: Unveiling the Truth To Earn $120 Per Test

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VII. After receiving the mail, log in again, and fill in your basic details, such as your name, email address, and password. Ensure that you provide accurate information to create a reliable profile.

IX. Once you have entered the required information, click on the “Submit” or “Sign Up” button to proceed.

X. After successful verification, you will be prompted to complete your profile. This step is crucial as it allows TesterUp to match you with relevant testing opportunities.

When completing your profile, pay attention to the following details:

  • Skills: Highlight your areas of expertise, such as software testing, user experience evaluation, or specific industry knowledge.
  • Interests: Specify the types of products or services you are most interested in testing. This will help TesterUp match you with opportunities that align with your preferences.
  • Demographics: Provide accurate demographic information, including age, gender, location, and any other relevant details. Some testing opportunities may require specific demographics to gather targeted feedback.

By completing your profile thoroughly and accurately, you increase your chances of being selected for testing opportunities that are a good fit for your skills and interests.

Step 2: Browse Testing Opportunities

Once your profile is complete, it’s time to explore the available testing opportunities. TesterUp provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to browse and filter opportunities based on your preferences. Follow these steps to find the right tests:

  • Log in to your TesterUp account using your registered email address and password.
  • Look for the “Testing Opportunities” or “Available Tests” section on the dashboard. This is where you will find the list of available opportunities.
  • Use the provided filters to refine your search. You can filter by product category, testing type, compensation, or any other criteria that are important to you.
  • Read the descriptions of the testing opportunities carefully. Take note of the requirements, instructions, and expected time commitment for each test.
  • Pay attention to the compensation details. Some tests offer monetary compensation, while others may provide rewards or vouchers.
  • Make a shortlist of the tests that align with your expertise, interests, and compensation expectations.

By filtering and selecting tests based on your preferences, you can ensure that you focus on opportunities that are most suitable for you.

Step 3: Apply for Tests

After identifying the tests that match your criteria, it’s time to apply. Writing a compelling application increases your chances of being selected. Here’s how to craft an effective application:

  • Review the specific requirements and instructions for each test you wish to apply for.
  • Tailor your application to highlight your relevant skills, experiences, and interests. Emphasize why you are the ideal candidate for the particular testing opportunity.
  • Use clear and concise language in your application. Be professional and demonstrate your attention to detail.
  • If the application allows for additional comments or questions, take the opportunity to ask any relevant queries or provide further insights.
  • Proofread your application before submitting it to ensure there are no typos or grammatical errors.

Remember, your application serves as your first impression to the company seeking testers. Make it persuasive and engaging to stand out from the competition.

Step 4: Perform Tests

Congratulations! If you are selected, you will be assigned tests to perform. Follow these guidelines to conduct the tests effectively:

  • Read the instructions provided for each test carefully. Understand the objectives and expectations of the test.
  • Set aside dedicated time to perform the test without distractions. This allows you to focus and provide accurate feedback.
  • Follow the test procedures step by step. Take note of any issues, bugs, or areas of improvement as you interact with the product or service.
  • Use any provided testing tools or software as instructed. This may include screen recording software, survey forms, or bug-reporting platforms.
  • Be thorough in your testing. Pay attention to details, explore different features, and try different scenarios to uncover potential flaws or areas for enhancement.

By following the instructions and conducting the tests diligently, you contribute valuable insights that can drive improvements in the product or service being tested.

Step 5: Provide Feedback

After performing the tests, it’s time to provide detailed feedback and suggestions to the companies. Here’s how to deliver high-quality feedback:

  • Access the feedback submission platform provided by TesterUp or the company.
  • Use clear and concise language to articulate your observations and insights. Be specific about any issues or areas of improvement you encountered during the testing process.
  • Provide actionable suggestions to help the company enhance the product or service. Offer constructive criticism and propose solutions where applicable.
  • If there is a feedback form or survey, answer all the questions thoughtfully and honestly.
  • Submit your feedback within the designated timeframe mentioned by the company.

Your feedback plays a crucial role in shaping the future iterations of the product or service. By providing detailed and insightful feedback, you contribute to the overall improvement process.

Remember, each step in the testing process is essential for a successful experience with TesterUp. Sign up, browse, and apply for tests, perform them diligently, and provide valuable feedback to maximize your earning potential and make a difference in product development.

Does Testerup Pay Real Money?

Is TesterUp Legit: Unveiling the Truth To Earn $120 Per Test

Yes, TesterUp pays real money to testers for their participation in testing projects. Testers are compensated for their time and effort in providing feedback on products, apps, websites, surveys, and games. The platform ensures that testers receive fair and competitive compensation for their contributions.

Once testers complete a test and submit the required feedback according to the guidelines, they are eligible to receive payment. TesterUp has a reliable and prompt payment system in place to ensure that testers receive their earnings promptly.

It is important to note that the specific payment terms and rates may vary depending on the testing project and the agreement between the tester and the company. However, TesterUp is committed to providing real monetary compensation to its testers as a reward for their valuable insights and feedback.

Testers can view the details of the compensation structure and payment process on the TesterUp platform. It is recommended to review the payment terms and conditions before engaging in any testing projects to have a clear understanding of the earning potential and payment procedures.

Here are the basic Terms and Conditions of TesterUp

  • Registration is completely free, and as soon as you complete it, you’ll start receiving opportunities for product tests, website tests, app tests, online surveys, and various other paid offers.
  • For each completed offer, you will receive payment. There are already numerous paid offers available to you immediately after registration.
  • Every job is explained in a clear and step-by-step manner, making it easy to progress.
  • Each offer includes a description of the goals, along with the deadline and payment amount.
  • Tasks may come with specific requirements or specifications that need to be followed (“Task Requirements”). It is important to adhere to these requirements to complete the tasks and receive payment. Once you complete an offer (or decide to leave early and settle the earnings from your completed goals), and we confirm that you have met all the requirements, the rewards will be added to your account balance.
  • Once your account balance reaches the minimum of $70, you can conveniently request a payout.

Important Things to Keep in Consideration: 

  • With, you have the opportunity to earn an impressive additional income with minimal limitations, all while enjoying flexibility. You have the freedom to choose when and where to start or take a break—it’s all up to you!
  • By testing offers through, you can earn rewards for your efforts. Before starting, it’s important to thoroughly study the campaign description and keep an eye on the remaining time to ensure smooth progress.
  • To ensure accurate tracking, always use the link provided by TesterUp to download their games after carefully reading the instructions. This link is essential for tracking purposes. Make sure your tracking settings are enabled in your smartphone’s general settings before starting the tests.
  • While playing their games, you will earn money for every goal you successfully achieve. Your earnings will be added to your money balance once the testing campaign officially ends. Once you have accumulated a minimum of $70, you can request a withdrawal.

Enjoy the flexibility, rewards, and additional income that offers!

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Exploring Various Earning Options on TesterUp

TesterUp offers a range of earning options for its users, allowing testers to engage in different types of testing projects. Here are some popular methods:

Option 1: Product Testing

Product testing involves testing and providing feedback on physical or digital products. This can include a wide range of items, such as gadgets, electronics, household products, and more. Testers receive the product, use it as instructed, and provide detailed feedback on its performance, usability, and any issues encountered. Product testing allows companies to gather valuable insights to improve their offerings before they are launched to the market.

For example, a tester may receive a new smartphone model and be asked to evaluate its features, functionality, and overall user experience. They would provide feedback on aspects like battery life, camera quality, software performance, and any bugs or issues encountered during their testing.

Option 2: App and Website Testing

Another earning option on TesterUp is an app and website testing. Testers evaluate the usability, functionality, and overall user experience of mobile apps and websites. They assess navigation, ease of use, responsiveness, and any technical issues or bugs that need to be addressed. This type of testing helps companies optimize their apps and websites for a seamless user experience.

For instance, a tester may be assigned to test a new e-commerce website. They would explore different sections, add products to the cart, proceed to checkout, and test various functionalities like search filters, payment options, and account registration. They would then provide feedback on any issues encountered, suggestions for improvement, and their overall experience using the website.


Option 3: Survey Participation

Participating in surveys is another earning option available on TesterUp. Testers are invited to share their opinions, preferences, and feedback by responding to surveys. Surveys can cover a wide range of topics, such as market research, product preferences, user behavior, and more. Testers’ input helps companies gain insights into their target audience and make informed decisions.

For example, a tester might receive a survey focused on their preferences for a new food product. They would answer questions about taste preferences, packaging design, price points, and other factors that influence their purchasing decisions. Their responses contribute to shaping the product’s development and marketing strategies.


Option 4: Game Testing

Game testing involves testing video games and providing insights into gameplay, bugs, and overall user experience. Testers play games, assess different levels, characters, and features, and provide feedback to improve the game’s quality. This type of testing helps game developers identify and fix issues, enhance gameplay mechanics, and ensure a satisfying gaming experience for users.

For instance, a tester may be assigned to test a new mobile game. They would play through different levels, test various game mechanics, and provide feedback on gameplay balance, graphics, controls, and any bugs or glitches encountered during their testing.

These are just a few examples of the diverse earning options available on TesterUp. The platform continuously updates its opportunities to ensure a variety of testing options for its users. By participating in different types of testing projects, testers can not only earn money but also contribute to the improvement and development of products, apps, websites, and games.


Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Earnings

Is TesterUp Legit: Unveiling the Truth To Earn $120 Per Test

To make the most of your TesterUp experience and maximize your earnings, consider the following tips and tricks:

I. Create a Complete Profile

One of the key factors in getting selected for testing opportunities is having a comprehensive and detailed profile. Follow these guidelines when creating your profile:

  • Highlight Relevant Sillks: Showcase your skills and areas of expertise that apply to testing. For example, if you have experience in software testing, usability evaluation, or specific industry knowledge, make sure to mention it.
  • Specify Interests: Clearly state your interests in the profile to increase the chances of being matched with relevant testing opportunities. Whether you are interested in mobile apps, websites, or specific product categories, provide this information to receive targeted invites.
  • Keep Profile Updated: Regularly update your profile to reflect any changes in your skills, experiences, or interests. This ensures that you receive the most relevant testing opportunities based on your current capabilities.

By creating a complete and up-to-date profile, you enhance your chances of being selected for testing projects that align with your skills and interests.

II. Be Proactive

To maximize your earning potential on TesterUp, it’s important to be proactive and actively seek out new testing opportunities. Here’s how:

  • Regularly Check for New Tests: Visit the TesterUp platform frequently to stay updated on the latest testing opportunities. New tests are posted regularly, so make it a habit to check for new listings.
  • Apply Promptly: When you find a test that aligns with your interests and skills, don’t hesitate to apply. Testing opportunities can have limited spots, so applying promptly increases your chances of being selected.
  • Explore Different Categories: Don’t limit yourself to a single category of testing. Expand your horizons and explore various types of tests, such as product testing, app evaluation, or surveys. This allows you to access a wider range of opportunities.

By being proactive and actively pursuing testing opportunities, you increase your chances of earning more on the platform.

III. Provide Quality Feedback

Delivering high-quality feedback is crucial for establishing yourself as a valuable tester on TesterUp. Follow these guidelines when providing feedback:

  • Be Thorough: Take the time to thoroughly test the product or service assigned to you. Explore different features, functionalities, and scenarios to identify any issues or areas for improvement.
  • Provide Constructive Comments: When reporting issues, provide clear and constructive comments. Explain the problem, its impact, and suggest possible solutions. This helps companies understand and address the issues effectively.
  • Be Timely: Submit your feedback within the specified timeframe to ensure that companies receive it promptly. Prompt feedback is essential for companies to make necessary improvements promptly.

By providing detailed and valuable feedback, you establish yourself as a reliable tester, increasing your chances of being selected for future testing opportunities.

IV. Communicate Professionally

Maintaining professionalism in your interactions with companies and fellow testers is essential. Follow these best practices:

  • Use Clear and Concise Language: When communicating with companies or fellow testers, use clear and concise language to ensure your messages are easily understood.
  • Be Respectful: Treat others with respect and professionalism. Avoid using offensive language or engaging in disrespectful behavior.
  • Follow Instructions: Pay attention to instructions provided by companies and adhere to them diligently. This shows your commitment and professionalism as a tester.

Maintaining professional communication helps you build a positive reputation within the TesterUp community and enhances your chances of being selected for future opportunities.

By implementing these tips and tricks, you can maximize your earnings on TesterUp and create a successful and rewarding experience as a tester.

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TesterUp Review

TesterUp is a platform that connects testers with companies looking for valuable feedback on their products and services. Here is an in-depth review of TesterUp, highlighting its key features, benefits, and user experiences:

I. User-Friendly Platform:

TesterUp provides a user-friendly platform that is easy to navigate and understand. The website layout is intuitive, making it simple for testers to browse through available testing opportunities, apply for tests, and submit feedback.

II. Diverse Testing Opportunities:

TesterUp offers a wide range of testing opportunities across different industries and categories. Testers can choose from product testing, app and website testing, survey participation, game testing, and more. This diversity allows testers to explore their areas of interest and expertise.

III. Compensation and Rewards:

TesterUp ensures that testers are fairly compensated for their time and effort. The platform offers competitive compensation rates based on the complexity and duration of each testing project. Testers also have the chance to earn rewards, such as gift cards or additional incentives, for exceptional performance.

IV. Clear Instructions and Guidelines:

TesterUp provides clear instructions and guidelines for each testing project. Testers receive detailed information about the tasks to be performed, specific requirements, and the expected format for providing feedback. This clarity helps testers deliver high-quality feedback that is useful for the companies.

V. Timely Payments:

One of the key factors that set TesterUp apart is its prompt and reliable payment system. Testers receive their earnings promptly once they have completed a test and submitted the required feedback. This ensures a positive experience for testers who rely on the platform for supplemental income.

VI. Valuable Feedback Process:

TesterUp values the feedback provided by testers and ensures that it reaches the companies seeking insights. The feedback process is designed to gather detailed and constructive comments that can help companies improve their products and services. Testers play a crucial role in shaping the future iterations of these offerings.


“TesterUp has been an excellent platform for me to earn money while sharing my opinions and expertise. The website is user-friendly, and the process of finding and applying for tests is straightforward. I have had the opportunity to test various products and provide valuable feedback, which I feel is genuinely appreciated by the companies.

The compensation has been fair, and I have always received my payments on time. TesterUp has been a reliable source of income for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in earning money through testing opportunities.” – John, TesterUp user.

It is important to note that individual experiences may vary, and it is always recommended to research and assess any platform before engaging with it. Reading user reviews and considering personal requirements and expectations can help determine if TesterUp is the right fit for you.



TesterUp is a fantastic online earning platform that offers individuals the opportunity to earn money by providing valuable feedback to companies. Whether you’re interested in product testing, app, and website evaluation, or game testing, TesterUp has a wide range of options to suit your preferences. By joining TesterUp, you can unlock your earning potential while contributing to the improvement of products and services.

In conclusion, TesterUp is a legitimate platform that offers individuals the opportunity to earn money by testing applications and websites. With positive user experiences and partnerships with reputable companies, TesterUp has proven its credibility. However, it’s essential to be cautious and consider alternative options based on your specific preferences and requirements.

So, why wait? Join TesterUp today and embark on your journey to earn money online while making a difference!


Q. Can I trust TesterUp with my personal information?
A. Yes, TesterUp takes privacy and data security seriously. They have robust measures in place to protect your personal information.

Q. Are there any fees associated with joining TesterUp?
A. No, joining TesterUp is completely free. There are no membership or registration fees.

Q. How much can I earn with TesterUp?
A. The earning potential on TesterUp varies based on the number of tests you complete and the compensation offered for each test. Some testers earn a few hundred dollars per month, while others generate a substantial income by taking on more tests.

Q. How often are testing opportunities available?
A. Testing opportunities on TesterUp depend on the demand from companies. New tests are posted regularly, so it is recommended to check the platform frequently to stay updated.

Q. Is there any specific technical knowledge required to be a tester?
A. While specific technical knowledge may be required for certain tests, TesterUp offers opportunities for individuals with varying skill sets. You can find tests that align with your expertise and interests.

Q. How long does it take to receive payment after completing a test?
Payment processing times may vary, but TesterUp strives to ensure timely compensation for completed tests. Generally, you can expect to receive a payment within a specified timeframe mentioned by the company.

Q. Can I participate in tests from any location?
A. Yes, TesterUp accepts participants from around the world. As long as you have an internet connection, you can join and participate in tests.

Q. How long does it take to receive payment for completed tests?
A. Payment processing times may vary, but TesterUp aims to process payments within a reasonable timeframe. The specific payment terms and timelines will be communicated to you when you accept a test.

Q. Are there any eligibility criteria to become a tester on TesterUp?
A. While TesterUp welcomes individuals from various backgrounds, certain projects may require specific skills or demographics. It’s important to review the project requirements before applying.

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