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Get Paid to Write Articles Up to $700 | 29 Sites to Turn Your Passion into Profit

In a digital age where content is king, the demand for skilled writers has reached unprecedented heights. Many individuals aspire to channel their love for writing into a lucrative opportunity—get paid to write articles. Here we will delve into the diverse avenues for writers to monetize their craft and offer insights on navigating this exciting terrain.

Get Paid to Write Articles

Freelance writers today have a plethora of platforms to choose from, each offering unique opportunities and audiences. It’s not just about getting paid; it’s about finding the right platform that aligns with your writing style and interests. Now, we’ll explore 26 platforms where writers can showcase their talents and get compensated for their valuable content.


Popular Platforms for Paid Article Writing

A. provides a platform for writers to share their insights on a wide range of topics. With a global audience, this platform offers exposure and competitive compensation for engaging and informative articles.


B. A List Apart

A List Apart focuses on web design and development, making it an ideal platform for writers with expertise in these areas. Contributing to A List Apart can establish you as an authority in the tech and design community.


C. FundsforWriters

As the name suggests, FundsforWriters is dedicated to supporting writers financially. Writers can find opportunities for paid gigs, grants, and contests, making it a valuable resource for those looking to monetize their craft.


D. Tuts+

Tuts+ is a versatile platform covering various creative and technical topics. Whether you’re into design, programming, or photography, Tuts+ offers opportunities to share your knowledge and earn money doing what you love.


E. Writers Weekly

Writers Weekly caters to freelance writers looking for paid writing opportunities. With a focus on the business side of freelancing, it’s a go-to platform for those seeking to monetize their writing skills.


Creative Writing Opportunities

A. Cracked

Cracked is known for its humor and satire articles. If you have a knack for witty and entertaining content, Cracked provides a platform to showcase your creativity and get paid for making readers laugh.


B. Listverse

Listverse specializes in listicles covering a broad spectrum of topics. If you enjoy crafting engaging lists with intriguing facts, Listverse offers a platform to monetize your list-making skills.


C. HubPages

HubPages is a user-generated content platform where writers can publish articles on various subjects. Writers earn through HubPages’ Ad Program, making it a platform that rewards both quality content and traffic.


D. Textbroker

Textbroker is a content marketplace that connects writers with clients in need of written content. With Textbroker, writers can choose assignments that match their expertise and get paid per word.


E. Greatist

Greatist focuses on health and wellness topics. If you’re passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and can craft engaging content, Greatist provides an avenue to share your expertise and receive compensation.


Long-form Content Platforms

A. Longreads

Longreads is dedicated to in-depth, long-form articles. For writers who excel in storytelling and deep dive into topics, Longreads offers a platform to showcase their narrative skills and get paid for compelling content.


B. Copyhackers

Copyhackers is a platform that focuses on copywriting and marketing. If you have a talent for persuasive writing and understanding consumer behavior, Copyhackers is a space where you can hone your skills and earn a living.


C. Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorials is a niche platform for graphic designers and visual artists. If you have expertise in Adobe Photoshop and can teach others, this platform offers a space to share your knowledge and receive compensation.


D. Informed Comment

Informed Comment is a platform for writers interested in international affairs and politics. If you have insights into global events and can provide informed commentary, this platform offers both exposure and payment.


E. The Travel Writer’s Life

For those passionate about travel writing, The Travel Writer’s Life is an excellent platform. Share your travel experiences, tips, and insights, and get paid for inspiring others to explore the world.


Specialized Writing Platforms

A. UX Booth

UX Booth caters to writers interested in user experience design. Share your insights on UX trends, best practices, and case studies, and receive compensation for contributing to this specialized platform.


C. Tuts+ Code

Tuts+ Code focuses specifically on coding and programming tutorials. If you’re a coding enthusiast with a knack for teaching, this platform allows you to share your knowledge and earn money.


D. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a design-focused platform that accepts articles on web design, development, and graphic design. Contribute your expertise and creative insights to Smashing Magazine while getting compensated for your work.


E. Scotch

Scotch is a platform for developers, providing tutorials, articles, and resources on web development. If you have a flair for thoroughly explaining complex coding concepts, Scotch is a place to showcase your skills and get paid.

Niche Writing Platforms

A. Metro Parent

Metro Parent is geared towards parenting-related topics. If you’re a parent or have expertise in parenting issues, Metro Parent offers a platform to share your experiences and insights while earning income.


B. International Living

International Living focuses on travel and living abroad. Share your experiences as an expatriate and offer valuable insights to those considering a similar lifestyle, all while earning money through this platform.


C. Sitepoint

Sitepoint is a platform for web developers and designers. If you have technical expertise in the field, contribute articles to Sitepoint and receive compensation for sharing your knowledge.


D. Tuts+ Vector

Tuts+ Vector is a specialized platform for vector graphic designers. If you have skills in vector illustration, this platform provides an avenue to showcase your work, offer tutorials, and get paid.


F. The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder is focused on personal finance and money-saving tips. Share your financial wisdom and strategies with a wide audience, and get compensated for contributing to this platform.

Freelance marketplaces


Imagine a virtual marketplace where you can sell your skills in bite-sized “gigs,” kind of like setting up a shop at a fair. Each gig can be for a specific writing task, like writing a blog post, product description, or even a poem. You set your prices for each gig, making it flexible for beginners to start with lower rates and gradually increase them as they gain experience and positive reviews.


Think of Upwork as a more professional job board for freelancers. You create a detailed profile highlighting your skills, experience, and portfolio. Clients then post project descriptions and invite qualified freelancers to submit proposals. You can set your hourly rate or bid on projects with fixed budgets. Upwork also charges clients a service fee, so keep that in mind when calculating your rates.


Similar to Upwork, Guru is a platform where you create a profile and search for writing projects. However, Guru has a more community-oriented feel, with features like forums and groups for freelancers to connect and share knowledge. You can set your hourly rate or bid on fixed-price projects. Guru also charges a service fee, but it’s generally lower compared to Upwork.


Tips for Successful Article Writing

Understanding the Platform’s Audience


Meeting Submission Guidelines

Incorporating SEO Techniques

Showcasing Writing Style and Voice



From general topics to niche interests, these 29 platforms offer a wealth of opportunities for writers to get paid to write articles. Each platform caters to different needs and preferences, providing writers with a diverse range of options.

As a writer, the world is your oyster. Explore different platforms, experiment with various writing styles, and discover where your passion intersects with lucrative opportunities. Embrace the diversity of the writing world, and you’ll find a multitude of avenues to showcase your talent and get paid.



Q. How Do I Get Started with Paid Article Writing?
A. Getting started with paid article writing involves researching platforms, creating a strong portfolio, and actively seeking opportunities. Start by exploring platforms that align with your interests and expertise.

Q. Can I Write for Multiple Platforms Simultaneously?
A. Yes, many writers contribute to multiple platforms simultaneously. However, it’s crucial to manage your time effectively and ensure that the quality of your work remains consistent across all platforms.

Q. What Types of Articles Are in High Demand?
A. Articles addressing current trends, practical advice, and evergreen topics are often in high demand. Researching the needs of each platform and understanding their audience can help you tailor your content to meet those demands.

Q. How Do I Ensure My Articles Get Accepted?
A. Carefully read and follow the submission guidelines of each platform. Ensure your content is well-written, original, and aligns with the platform’s theme and audience.

Q. Are These Platforms Suitable for Beginners?
A. Absolutely! Many platforms welcome and support beginner writers. Start with platforms that align with your interests and gradually expand your horizons as you gain experience and confidence.

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